Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I love that my little Jillian tucks her thumb between her fingers just like her big sister did when she was a baby - I think it is so sweet that they share this little trait!

Where's Sleeping Meredith?

For the past month or so, Meredith has decided that bed time means time to read EVERY book on her bookshelf and an opportunity to "organize" her closet. So each night, I make sure she isn't sleeping on a book or a shoe or something else random she finds in her room. So last night, before I turned in, I went to go check on her and found this....

You can't really tell here, but she has also started making sure that all of her animals have their heads laid up on pillows, even at the expense of her own head! I just wasn't sure if she was among all of these animals...

Then I could hear a cute little snore but couldn't imagine where she was - I was about to dig through the piles of animals until I realized that the snore was coming from the closet...

I am not sure if she was giving up space in her bed for all of friends or if she was just too busy in the closet and simply fell asleep in the middle of a project!

Spring Little Gym

Meredith has enjoyed taking part in Little Gym for the past year or so and last night was her final class for the spring, which meant another medal ceremony which was such a highlight for her in the winter, so we knew she would love it last night too!

A proud little gymnast

Look at that medal!

Meredith and her best friend from Little Gym, Emery

These three girls had lots of fun together each week and are ending the class with the "Pat the Mat" song