Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September according to my phone


Meredith's first Spirit Friday!

Jillian on her queen day

Catching Jillian at what she does best - playing with every little tiny toy we have all at one time!

The girls doing a little gymnastics show in our bedroom

We took Jillian's friend Audrey home from cheerleading and to a birthday party so we got to dress her in some of Meredith's clothes to make them twins!

Somehow I forgot to throw Jillian's boots away from last winter, so she found them and wore them.  With shorts.  

Midweek Rangers game fun!

And we lost another tooth there!

College day at school

The girls at the AHS Colt cheer clinic! So fun

An early birthday treat for daddy - a Stars game!  Jillian was ever-so-subtly trying to flag down the peanut vendor!

Monday, September 22, 2014

A little something missing

Meredith came home from school today missing a little something extra!  Couldn't help snapping a pic of her with that big gap!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Meredith's turn to cheer

By Jillian's first game, Meredith's team had already had a few, but I couldn't pass up the chance for some cute pictures of my favorite second grader!
A pose with both of my cheerleaders

So much fun with her friends!

Jillian Mae, the Cheerleader

After watching Meredith cheer at the Highlander games last year, Jillian decided she wanted to cheer for the Highlanders when she started at Hill, so last April, we signed both girls up!  Well, up until about two weeks before the first ever game, there weren't enough boys for a football team, so we waited. Then I finally heard that the team was ready to go and that my friend Kelly and I would be the sponsors!  Kelly and I did some major hustling and got these girls outfitted and ready to cheer by the first game!  This group of pre-k and kinder girls could not have been cuter!

Miss Jillian, ready to cheer!

What a cute and fun group of girls

Jillian actually claimed that she didn't like cheerleading, but these pictures tell a slightly different picture - or at least she has a good fake smile!

Look at that sass!

After the game, Jillian and her friend Audrey had a blast playing while their big sisters cheered at the second grade game!