Friday, February 28, 2014

February according to my iPhone

A random assortment of pics from the month!
We headed to the Spitzenbergers for the Super Bowl and these girls loved their time together - including some Rock Band time!

We had a little snow one morning and when we walked out to it, Jillian shouted "God is the best God EVER because He made the snow!" Love her enthusiasm and heart for God!

We were more than slightly Olympics crazy in our house this year! The girls loved it!

 These friends planned a matching tshirt day at school!

Meredith and I braved the frigid cold one Saturday morning to sell Girl Scout cookies - she did a great job!

Love making cookies with my girls!

President's Day was a no school day for Meredith, but Jillian had zoo school, so we of course decided to explore all together after Jillian was done!  And a favorite stop for Jillian is the otters!

The Patriotic program at Fielder Road is always so cute! 

Jillian was a trooper helping me to shop for a work event at Costco - she has been so great this year giving up her days off of school to do things I need to get done.  So we celebrated with a giant froyo!

The zoo got a new fun bridge that we love to bounce on!


Meredith showing off her cool Abe Lincoln shirt

This is Jillian's favorite outfit.  She would wear it  Her "up down shweater" and her purple boots.  

We celebrated Meredith's Half Birthday with Frozen Yogurt.  She posed and said "Take my picture, mama, it isn't every day I turn 7 1/2" So true!
Meredith performed with her other choir friends on Wednesday night.  She had a solo, but "let a few other friends join her" but then, the rest of the choir forgot they weren't supposed to sing at that part, so it lost even more of its "solo-ness" But they still did a great job!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday Piper the Pups!

Sweet Piper has brought us so much joy and laughter - she is such a great addition to our family!  The girls were super excited about throwing her a little birthday party, so we started planning!

We checked out Pinterest and found a puppy cupcake recipe that was pretty easy and the girls loved decorating them with peanut butter "frosting", doggie treats, and doggie bacon!

Trying to get her to pose and stand still with a yummy cupcake so close was tough work!

And this is the picture I got when I tried to get a shot of her next to the cupcake. cupcake in sight! I think she liked it (well, actually, I can't even imagine how she tasted it since it was gone so quick!)

And then she "opened" her presents!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had such fun celebrating Valentine's Day over and over!  First up was Jillian's classValentine's Party with her Bumblebee friends!

Jillian and Lily

These girls have been such sweet friends throughout the year

Making her craft

Jillian got to celebrate again as we went up to Hill for Meredith's class party.

This year the kids had to make their own Valentine's boxes.  We had a few crafty things to put together on a shoebox but I really had not bought the right things and I was not so happy with the way it was turning out.  So, after doing a little Pinterest research and drawing inspiration from her Junie B Jones Valentines she bought for her class, she helped me make a Junie B Jones book box!  It was so cute.  I was so proud of my our hard work.

After Valentine's, a snack and some books, we all got to go out to the blacktop for some fun!

A little jump roping....

And hula hooping!

And cute matchy matchy sisters!

After school we surprised Grandma, who had just gotten home from the hospital that week with some frozen yogurt!  We were so glad she was home!

Valentine's Night - Neal and I went out just the two of us for dinner - we ended up having terrible service and not-so-great food, but we had the best time!