Thursday, March 8, 2012

Teddy bear, Teddy bear

On Tuesday, we got to see Jillian's Little Lamb class in their first public performance! The younger classes at Fielder did a PE Program - each class did a cute little routine in front of lots of moms, dads, and of course - flashing cameras! I wasn't really sure how Jillian was going to do - if her past dance performances were any indication, there wouldn't be much movement going on! And on top of that, she was in tears and had to be pulled off of me as I dropped her off that morning (which is not normal). I was relieved to see that she was composed when her class came into the room!
All the Little Lambs wore matching blue shirts.
She was looking a little nervous when it was their turn, but she went right where she was supposed to go. She actually kept this look up whenever they weren't performing. I really think that she was trying to keep from grinning with pride - it was like she didn't want me to know how happy she was up there! Since Tuesday, several times she will repeat "You come to see me at school?" Like she can't believe it!
Her class danced to "Teddy bear, teddy bear"
Teddy bear, teddy bear, turn around. Teddy bear, teddy bear, touch the ground.
Teddy bear, teddy bear brush your hair.
Teddy bear, teddy bear say good night!
At the end, her class all went to line up. They walk by holding onto a rope that has colored circles. What I saw that the teachers did not, is that one of her friends already had the purple circle and there was only a yellow left. Jillian quietly went to the purple and started pushing her friend out of the way to get him to drop the purple! The teacher came along to get them to move and the poor kid she was forcing off purple just looked so offended that they were not coming to his rescue! Poor guy - can't come between a girl and her "fav-o-wit co-yur!"

Laura and Tom's Fairy Tale

This past weekend, I joined with my mom, Katie, and my grandma to throw a shower for Laura. Laura and Tom are getting married this June (where Meredith and Jillian will be two of the sweetest flower girls you ever did see!) - and although they live in Boston, Laura was here this weekend, so we took the opportunity to celebrate their upcoming wedding! Laura is an avid reader so we were excited to do a book theme for the shower. We had a blast making the theme come together - Katie found these great invites that looked like library book pockets and we also found lots of inspiration on Pinterest for decorations!
The table - full of yummy food (including the bride's special request: pizza!)
One of our Pinterest crafts - book page hearts hanging from the chandelier
We also hung whole book pages and flowers made from book pages on the windows and laid them on tables
Katie and I crafted this one on our own - we cut out a wreath shape and added crumpled book pages and bright ribbon - it was a great addition to the doors
My mom and Katie tirelessly wrapped books in paper and then we added the paper flowers to vases for decoration
Katie's pet project was the mantle - she did a great job displaying Harry Potter and our flowers, too!
Another friend ordered this fantastic and yummy cake and it fit right in!
The hostesses, the bride, and the mother of the bride!
Victoria is living in NYC now, so she couldn't be with us, but we skyped her in for a bit!

God Bless the USA!

Meredith's class did a super-cute Patriotic program last week. Each class takes a theme and tells the audience about whatever they have learned about - a president, the flag, the states, etc. And all the classes sing lots of patriotic songs.
Parading in with her Cool Cats class
Singing with all the PreK classes
After all the Pre-K's sung together, Meredith's class got up on stage to tell about the flag

One proud patriotic girly!

And the Oscar goes to...

A few years ago, we started a fun tradition on Oscar night - we let the girls pick out their fanciest dress-up dresses and let them parade through the living room like movie stars all while we have a pizza picnic. The girls - especially Jillian had a blast getting "fancy!" Meredith told me that I already looked fancy enough (I was still in church clothes plus a necklace, so I guess that is a lot fancier than normal sweatshirt and jeans wardrobe!)

Rebecca also took part - she is wearing the princess costume I made her for Halloween.