Monday, March 31, 2014

March according to my iPhone

All the other random fun we had in March!

We love the Oscar's - we had a "party" and the girls were so excited to hear if Frozen would win!

Meredith tried her hand at sewing

The girls love when Daddy reads books because he uses the best voices!

Who doesn't need goggles at breakfast?

Open House night and this girl was super proud to show off her autobiography!

Daddy wants to give Meredith a hockey lesson before they headed to a Stars game

Caught this sweet moment on the carousel - sisters holding hands!

Meredith and Daddy went to a Stars game, so Jillian and I had a date - we even picked out a goldfish on a whim!  Meet Rainbow Up and Down!

All dressed up for Bo and Mindy's big night 

A couple of chilly Meerkats

St. Patty's Day called for their shirts Aunt Sandy brought back from Dublin and some Lucky Charms (that - gasp!- they didn't like!  So I ate them!)

Meredith's first Stars game was cut short by one of the players getting really sick, but she was sold on the sport!  She even slept with the commemorative puck!

A fun day at the mall carousel!

Daddy and Meredith trained and raced in their first 5k together - the Fort Worth Zoo Run!  Meredith did so great!

All the Sook kids were home and so they took a dip in the hot tub.

Another fun zoo school Monday

Meredith competing at The Highlander Games - this is an event the younger kids do until they are ready to take part in Field Day!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Geurin Family Photo Time

This year for Christmas, the Geurin "kids" gave my mom, dad, and Grandma a photo session with my friend who is a wonderful photographer.  We decided to wait until March for it to warm up and this made sure Grandma was nice and healthy for her photo ops!

The whole family!

The four cousins

Gigi and Papa with their grandkids

Grandma with her grands and great grands
Sweet Jennifer also took some of each of the families and we got some really sweet ones....

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Celebrating the Morehouse Family

I got to celebrate a big day for my friend, Khrystal and her family as she and Nate got to have the wedding they always wanted!  So fun to get to be a part of this time for her!

We got a little self-tan to look extra awesome!

My friend, Christina and I were both bridesmaids

And the wedding party all together

Look at these lovely ladies I found at the reception!
And here we are with Khrystal at the after party! What a fun night with my friend!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spitzenberger Spring Break

After a fun week off with the girls, we talked Daddy into taking a day off too and we went to Plano to stay with our best friends, the Spitzenbergers.  We had lots of fun planned and everyone was excited!

We started it off with the mamas leaving the kids with daddies so we could go to Julie's favorite painting spot!  Her sister-in-law was in town from Korea and so we got to have fun with her, too!  It had been so long since Julie and I hung out without kids, it was so nice!

Silly girls with bunny donuts for breakfast

In the morning, we returned the favor for the Dads and took the kids to the Arboretum while they went and played Top Golf.  We all had a ton of fun!  The children's area at the Arboretum was amazing!

Guess who found a turtle shell?

The kids had fun at a conservation "puppet show"

Jillian was so proud of herself for climbing all the way to the top of the net!

There were tons of fun science things to play with, including this wind pipe!

Taken after Joseph says "Jillian, when we grow up, I'm going to marry you.  We love each other." We booked the church. :)

These four are such good friends even when they only get to see each other every once in awhile!  We are so blessed!