Friday, July 20, 2012

Oh, Jillian

I think I have probably said (or at least hinted to) this before, but Jillian is the kid that is likely just to throw in a curve ball to make our lives a bit more interesting - here is a good example.  She was napping and it was getting a little late, so I went to go wake her.  I had run an errand and Neal was doing something outside for a part of nap time, so when I went in to find an empty room, I started to panic.  I calmed myself and figured she was playing or fell asleep on her closet floor.  When I opened the door, she wasn't there.  Then, I started a little more of a panic.  I left her room and asked Neal and Meredith if she was out and I didn't know it.  When they said no, I started calling to her loudly throughout the house with no answer.  I went back to her room, thinking I had to have just missed her. She wasn't under her covers. Not beside the bed. Not under.  I called to her loudly again.  I hear a rustle in the closet and I run to it.  I still don't see her.  But then, I see a fuzzy pink slipper move from underneath a rack of clothes.  Yep. We have her changing table (pad and all) stored in her closet so I can use the bottom shelves as storage.  So, during nap she decided to hide there and rest and fell asleep.  That's my Silly Beans.

Go Rangers!

We have some serious Rangers love going on in our house.  Neal has been a fan since he was small and he has shared his love with Meredith by allowing her to stay up late to watch games with him.  Now, Jillian is catching on and is just as much of a fan - yelling "Go, go Ranger! You win!" Neal and Meredith went to a game last year and when M was little we all 3 went, but Jillian had never gotten to see a game.  So, Neal found us a family pack of tickets on Cereal Bowl night for the kids and we headed out!  The girls were even more excited because we also got to go check out the new kids area!

First up, we got tattoos - this Ian Kinsler loving girl was really excited she got to get a tattoo of her favorite player!  She also got Rangers Captain on the other cheek.

Jillian just kept saying "I want Texas Rangers on my arm!" 

Fun near the slide and with the huge Rangers Mickey
Meredy was very excited to make a sign to hold up for Ian - it says "Go Go Ian Kinsler - 5. Meredith" And then a picture of her with Ian.  Until the wind starting blowing us all over, she would hold it up whenever she saw him come to bat or out in the field.

A big storm came while we were watching (remember that wind?) and there was lightning, so they advised us to leave the upper deck (and we were the most upper there was!) Neal wanted to wait it out but the girls were pretty nervous.  So, we eventually just left our seats to walk around. While we were out there, I decided to try to take a picture.  A man standing near us offered to take a family pic.  You'll notice that is not on the blog.  Just as he got us to say cheese the loudest most horrifying thunder hit (or whatever thunder does). The girls lost it and Neal basically hit the deck.  We felt a little silly until they started showing replays of how the players reacted, which was just as drastically. 
Before the thunder!
After the thunder, there was an official rain delay (especially since most of the players darted off the field when it happened!) And we decided heading for cover and lower ground might be a good choice. Jillian was plastered in my arms with her little hands covering her ears tightly and whimpering the whole walk.  We got lots of sympathetic looks from people passing that thought she was super cute!  Luckily, we found the $1 ice cream and had a little snack - just enough to get the game started back up again.  We watched a little more and then called it a night early.  They were losing when we left, but the game went to 13 innings and the Rangers finally won because Ian batted in a runner.  What a perfect inning to our first Rangers game with all four of us!

Happy 4th, Y'all!

I love living in Arlington, TX for 4th of July!  The Annual 4th of July parade is recognized as one of the largest in the US or something crazy like that (love how knowledgeable I am on this subject, don't you?) And the parade route goes right by our church, so we definitely feel at home each year!  Plus, just a few years ago, they added Light Up Arlington, which was actually held the night before the parade - again, it is right by our church and there are great events for the kids, bands that play and an awesome fireworks show, of course! 

So, this year, we headed up to Light Up Arlington on July 3rd and the kids had a blast playing in bounce houses and riding a little train through downtown Arlington.  As the thought of fireworks approached, poor Miss Jillian started getting really nervous.  She had a taste for fireworks at Laura and Tom's rehearsal dinner and she decided she was not a fan this year.  We planned to watch them from our car this year, so Daddy quickly buckled Jillian into her seat and turned on a movie with her earphones blaring trying to cover the noise.  Sweet thing still just had huge crocodile tears rolling down her face and telling us that the fireworks needed to go to bed.  This is a little switch from past years when Meredith couldn't be consoled and Jillian was having a blast, so hopefully we'll soon have two fireworks loving girls!

Early the next morning we headed out to our usual spot on Center St. to watch the parade.  It was hot but incredibly pleasant as compared to past years.  

 The girls were all set for the parade to start!

 Of course we got to sit next to Caleb and his family - these two seriously are the cutest together.  Did I mention the time about a month ago when Caleb took his mom's phone, figured out how to call me and then when I answered, asked for Jillian.  Uh oh!
 Me and my sweet Beans
 She loved the cheerleaders and bands but really everything was a highlight for these two.
Daddy always trying to teach school spirit to our future AHS Colt.  My Warrior symbol is gonna have to be forgotten, I guess!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Laura and Tom's Big Day with our Two Little Beauties

Saturday was the big day for Laura and Tom!  After the rehearsal, the girls were even more excited for the day to be here! Meredith had done lots of practicing and could hardly wait!  We got a room at the hotel near the reception to make getting ready and sleeping after the wedding a little easier, so we went over early for a quick nap.  Luckily, both girls did fall asleep for a tiny bit.  Jillian was still a little tired when we got her up and was pretty unsure of her dress.  She had tried it on once before and told us it "hurt" but we pushed through! With the help of some Nerds that Dundle Neil brought for Landon to share and then a trip to see the wedding cake we would get to eat after she was a flower girl, she perked up a bit (or at least turned off the tears!)

Each of my beauties in the fabulous gowns that Aunt Sandy designed and made herself! The girls couldn't have looked more beautiful!
I missed Laura's photo op with Meredith while Jillian and I scoped out the cake, but I know I will get to see those soon!
And here is a quick one of the bride with both girls
Love how much these cousins love being together - Landon's face in this pic is PRICELESS.
Yeah! Jillian is up for more picture taking.
The kids got Laura and Tom a present - a turtle apple slicer, hippo chip clips, and a monkey oven mitt,
Pretty girl
Working hard to get a pic of the whole family!
 Aunt Sandy, Laura, and my mom.  Check out Laura's dress.  You know how I said Aunt Sandy made the flower girl dresses? Yeah, well she made Laura's, too! 

I think these pics kinda sum up my girls - Jillian being a little silly and Meredith following directions oh so happily!

 Beautiful Beans!
 The kids all did fantastically!  At the rehearsal they stuck to pretty much a straight line coming up, but in the wedding, Meredith took the lead with Landon not far behind and Jillian brining up the rear. We didn't get a great view of their whole walk, but Meredith ended up with 1/2 a basketful of petals and Jillian had obviously spent her extra time down the aisle dropping every last one!  They knew they had done a great job and were all smiles!  During the recessional, I guess Jillian either thought she was responsible for her mess or she wanted to make sure she got to take home petals too, because she started picking them up as she walked out!

 We collected a few more while we waited for family pictures!

Next up, the reception!  The room was beautiful and they had an amazing band that was so much fun to dance to!  The newlyweds had the best first dance I have ever seen and Tom even planned out a surprise number where he started off singing to her and then her family would join in at different parts - definitely was bringing all the tears out from the crowd! The girls really had a blast - there were lots of times they were pretty sleepy, but they plugged on through until the end!
Love this pic Katie got of us!

 Dancing the night away!
 Time for cake, so they got front row seats!
 While resting on the couches, we got to play with the bride and groom!  Jillian and Meredith initiated "sneeze near the bride" which was so hilarious!
 The happy couple and the girlies!
 Me and La!

There was also a fun photo booth - we got a fan pic but Meredith was most excited about her picture time with Uncle Neil!  She even said that was her favorite part of the night! She sure loves Uncle Neil!

We had so much fun - and I just loved watching this super in love couple get to enjoy this time with all their friends and family!  While I dance the last song with Meredith, she looked up at me and said "Do you hope I find a boy like that, mama?" Which I emphatically said "YES!" Then she said "Well, then I want to have my wedding here and have that band, too!" So, let the planning (and saving!) begin!

Laura and Tom, we are so excited for your marriage and are so honored that we got to be there with you to celebrate!

Getting Ready for the Big Day!

This weekend was the super exciting wedding weekend for Laura and Tom, so we had a week packed full of fun! It kicked off with a boat trip for just the grown-ups on Lake Grapevine. Neal and I had so much fun with good food and company and even got to do a fun "wish lantern" - of course, I talked Neal into letting go too soon and ours plummeted down toward the lake and ended up landing on a rope, almost setting it on fire. Oh well!

On Friday, we headed to Union Station for the rehearsal. The girls had a long week with VBS but they were so excited for their Flower Girl-ing debut and to hang out with Landon!

Meredith as a meerkat
Sweet Jillian

My dad made this amazing cross and arch for Laura and Tom to use at the wedding - he spent countless hours planning and building and it could not have looked more perfect! The kids were super excited that he was done working hard on the assembly to show them around!
Katie, Laura and I all had pockets and I thought this was photo-worthy
They look good to go!

So cute!
Meredy with Laura's practice bouquet

After the rehearsal, we headed to the Sook's house for an amazing rehearsal dinner - they had fantastic BBQ, a mariachi band, and even special fireworks that were a surprise to the bride and groom! The kids loved swimming after dinner and it was just an all-around fun night! The kids easily fell asleep on the way home, which was a big blessing since Saturday was going to be an equally busy day!