Friday, October 31, 2014

October According to My Phone

For the rest of the October Story...
Jillian had a great time taking Cupcake class for Hill U - and she had an unbelievable!

There was a terrible storm in October that had our power out for quite some time, so we got to spend the night at Gigi's, school was shut down, and we got to eat donuts in our PJs!

That same weekend, we had our school carnival and Jillian loved getting her hair painted and the kids showed off a school wide dance.

The Young Adult Ministry had a night where the adults and their kids come come pack food to send to Sierra Leone - it was a great experience for all of us and we even had a ton of fun!

I ran a half marathon with Khrystal - not our best time, but we finished!

We celebrated this one (a few days late!) on her half birthday with some froyo

Meredith started her own school pink out day

Jillian let daddy take her dolls with him to work for his birthday.  What a sweet daddy.

Meredith and I got to play a little hookie between doctor appointments on a school day with a little lunch and putt putt!

Just a random day in which the girls got all dressed up, but not totally

Meredith got recognized for her Reflections contest story by winning first place in her age division.

Twin day at school with Audrey

Jillian and her cupcake class buddy

Meredith's twin, Hannah

And PJ day!

Happy Halloween

This was the first halloween when my girls didn't choose coordinating costumes and at first I was kind of sad - I knew this was coming, but still I loved the pictures that went so nicely together!  But when they had settled on these costumes, I couldn't have been more thrilled because what they picked were both so perfect for them!  

Jillian started off this summer saying she couldn't wait to be a Unicorn.  I was not sure how easy that was going to be to pull off until she and I were shopping for Meredith's birthday and we came across a aisle of clearance costumes at Party City.  And lo-and-behold - there was a super cheap unicorn costume that she fell in love with!  I at first wondered if she would change her mind, but realized that with as much as it was discounted, I couldn't go wrong even if she did switch!  As we were about to walk out, I saw a Betsy Ross costume hanging there.  Meredith loves history and had been reading about Betsy Ross, so I decided to take a chance on this one, too.  And she loved it as much as Jillian loved the Unicorn!  
Betsy Ross and her Unicorn!

Meredith's one request was that we make her a bag for her candy that would look just like Betsy's flag - complete with a needle so she could pretend to sew it.  She planned every last detail of the bag and it was perfect!  Jillian soon requested a bag too - one that would hold her stuffed unicorn and have a gold sparkly unicorn on the front.  These girls have a keen eye for design!

Here are the finished bags - I was pretty proud and the girls were super excited!

Storybook Characters

On Halloween the girls got to dress as Storybook characters for school - I had so much fun making these for them!
Pete the Cat

Little Miss Sunshine

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


My WAM girls got to perform a couple times in October - first Meredith performed on Sunday morning and then both girls sang again that Wednesday night - Meredith even did a little ensemble performance!  They both loved to perform!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

First Fest

First Fest is always our favorite way to get ready for Halloween - our Church does a great job of putting together this event for the whole City.
The girls posing with our Pastor, Dr. Wiles at Trunk r Treat

Meredith was excited to get a Henna tattoo

We love getting to share this fun with the cousins too

The girls couldn't help trying out the astronaut helmet

The finished Henna!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Carmichael Game

The 2nd graders got to play one more game this weekend at the Carmichael game.  This is a game for just two teams per grade that are chosen based on a fundraiser and they get to play at the UTA fields!
Meredith and two of her friends!

The 2nd grade cheer girls

Cheering on the team for the winning Highlanders!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Happy Birthday Neal!

After a busy morning of cheerleading, we got to officially celebrate Daddy with lunch and then his annual cupcake!

Jillian told Neal he could braid her hair for his birthday because he loves her hair back and she hates it anyway but down and in her face! But she backed out....luckily, Meredith stepped in!

That night we went to dinner and a Stars Game with Marc and Julie! So fun!

Me and Julie with our traditional cotton candy!

Pink out

Each October, one of the football games is dedicated to Breast Cancer awareness and the kids get to get all dressed in their pink!