Tuesday, March 1, 2011


This weekend the girls, my mom, grandma and I planned a road trip to Oklahoma to see my God-brother, PJ, as he did an amazing job in the OU production of Forum. We were also lucky enough to get to bring Landon with us because Uncle Neil was heading to Japan for work and Aunt Katie really wanted to go on her Women's Retreat. I thought for moments that we were crazy, but I knew that between me, my mom, my grandma, and Aunt Sandy, surely we could handle three kids! But it ended up not being an issue - they were great! And I really think having Landon there just made it so much more fun for everyone. I am so thankful it all worked out! The kids were not only great on both trips in the car, they were also angels at dinner for Uncle Perry's birthday! Then we hit a late-starting play, where I was a little nervous and felt all eyes on me as I traipsed through the seats with a preschool following me. But by intermission, I had people all around us commenting on how they couldn't believe how well they were all behaving! Jillian sat in my lap pretty much the whole time - mesmerized! Meredith and Landon just kept their eyes peeled for PJ! All the kids were asking for him at one point or the other and Landon was quoting his lines and planning out getting big muscles just like PJ the rest of the trip! I was super proud of all three of the kids!

Landon came to play with us on Friday and we had lots of fun in the backyard, which meant a bath was a must! Neal was super-sick, so I was lucky to have Gigi's help!
The hotel, was of course a high-point of the trip although we didn't get to spend much time there! The most fun was riding the luggage cart (that was a necessity even though we only stayed one night...it was nuts how much stuff we had!)

God Bless the USA!

Last week Meredith's school had a Patriotic Program to show off all they have learned about the presidents and the country. The kids had fun hats on and had learned tons of songs! I loved watching Meredith sing and do all the motions, too! After all the 4 year olds sang their songs, each class got up to tell us all about one topic they had learned. The Turtle class was in charge of sharing all about George Washington. It was so much fun to hear them share the facts they knew and I was beaming with pride when they asked "When is George Washington's birthday?" Her friend shouted out "President's Day!" and when the teacher's asked for something more specific, they said "Yes, but what day in February?" And Meredith shouted out "The 22nd!" I love that she has not only learned so much this year, but that she is so comfortable in front of a big group of people to share all that she knows!
Meredith with her George Washington-style hat
Singing with all the four year-olds
The Turtles center stage! After they shared their George Washington facts, they also sang God Bless America, so sweet!