Thursday, January 31, 2013

January randomness

As always, my phone is always full of fun pics that I want to share on here but never a real theme - so here are some things that we did in January!

Poor Meredy was super sick at the very end of her Christmas break...followed by Jillian, too.  We had our fair share of laying on the couch days in January.

I apologize for the creepy eyes, but here's a pic from Landon's 5th birthday party - a Superman party!  Landon and the girls all had capes, so the girls also requested that I make some for their dolls, so they all were displaying super powers!

Cute little Meredith ready for her first day back to Kindergarten after Christmas break

One night the girls decided to do a nativity re-enactment with American Girl dolls and hippos playing the main roles - they saved the shepherd and angel parts for themselves!

Meredith loves when we can come have lunch with her at school - Jillian thinks it is pretty great, too!

Friday, January 25, 2013


Meredith tried her hand at Basketball this year with our church's Kindergarten basketball league.  These kids were so cute to watch - lots and lots of double dribbling going on.  Lots of running toward the wrong goal.  But whatever - it was still fun! These are pictures from the practice game before they got their gold jerseys, but she still looks pretty professional, if you ask me! 

 Meredith's cheering section!  Daddy and Jillian even made up a cheer to do.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Birthday getaway

Almost a year ago, some of the pilots Neal works with were incredibly generous with those that don't get to fly around the country all the time like they get to (and let's be honest, like we used to get to when we both had flight benefits!) and gave several of the people in his office passes to fly!  We kept trying to plan a vacation for the family and nothing ever came of it.  As we approached the 1 year date, these things were going to expire, so Neal planned a get-away for my birthday for just the two of us! So on a Saturday morning, we headed to the airport early, and flew to Panama City Beach, FL.  This guy knows me well - take me to the beach and I am a happy girl!

Out for a walk on the beach at sunset

What a view!

After our sunset walk, we got dressed and went to what seemed to be the only "nice" restaurant in the town (and our criteria was not stringent - we were just hoping to not end up at Coconut Joe's Beach Hut or something!) I still say this was the best meal I have EVER eaten.  The restaurant, Firefly, was in just a strip shopping center (walking distance to a Cici's Pizza, no less) but it was beautiful inside!  And when we saw the menu, we noticed Olympic Rings next to one dish - we asked about this and learned that the chef had actually been at the Summer Olympics as one of the chefs for the athletes and that was one of the signature dishes!  I ordered this amazing salad and delicious pork chops.  Neal had a steak and I am sure his was good, but I am not even sure I asked because I was so enjoying mine!

A pre-dinner drink

The next morning, I hit the beach for a 1/2 marathon training run.  I took a picture to send to my running group.  It was actually a pretty terrible run because of the sun, the sand, and it heated up really quickly, but I enjoyed getting out there anyway!

On Sunday morning, we found a great brunch restaurant and then did some shopping in town.  And of course, we made one more stop at the beach!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy birthday to me!

I love that the girls really hold onto how excited they are for birthdays and try to make sure they are just as special for us - and this, of course means that I got to have doughnuts for my birthday breakfast just like we get to have on their special days!  The girls also got me several very sweet and thoughtful gifts (lotion for my purse and these "stamps" to make cute designs on your toast) and then we went out to dinner and, our family favorite - frozen yogurt!

 The Birthday breakfast bunch
 Posing with a few of my gifts
The girls also picked out a super silly card for me that had puppies and sang the Kris Kross "Jump" song - so there was some dancing going on!