Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April According to my iPhone

Another Student of the Week honor for Miss Meredith!

Grandma's friends threw her a very belated 90th birthday party and we got to join in on the fun!

Jillian in her signature fur-lined boots.  Even when it was warm enough for shorts!  These boots are ready for the trash, but she isn't having it!  (Also notice they are on the wrong feet, but since she wears them like that most of the time, I think the soles probably are formed this way!

Jillian was a big helper to me at work when I had to make a trip up on a non-school day!

Fielder ECC Rodeo Round-up - so fun on the hop-a-long.  Jillian was nervous about this because she said she "wasn't good at it" but her teacher said she actually asked for extra practice, and she did great!
A picture tom Jillian's sweet teachers.  This came after a phone call that Jillian had been stung by a was 3 times on the playground!  She calmly went to her teachers and said "I think something is trying to kill me!" They weren't sure how to take that, but she showed them where it hurt and as they investigated, the wasp flew out of her shirt!  They said she did great - only cried when they tried to put some medicine on it.  But this was to prove that she was doing great while taking a ride with her friend, Luke.


Daddy and Meredith both participated in the Pinewood car derby at church - they both chose orange and Meredith was pretty excited to have a Longhorn car like daddy!

Too cold to swim yet, no problem - just ask mom if you can swim in the tub in your suits!

Mustard and Senley the hippos were peeking out after zoo school.

Wonder how many pictures I have of my girls on this elephant?

While shopping at the Highlands, we went past the little creek and I told Jillian that when she was little, she loved to "feed the hippos" in the water (which was just her throwing rocks in) and so immediately wanted to do it this trip, too!

Meredith was so excited to win this fuzzy mustache out of the claw machine all on her own! Uncle Neil was so proud!
Out to lunch celebrating our last Wednesday BSF together.  I loved getting to go to Bible Study with Jillian these past two years and sharing all that we were each learning  - I sure will miss my buddy next year!

Jillian worked to collect all the pressed pennies at the zoo throughout the year and we finally finished out her book!

As WAM comes to a completion, each class hosted a booth in a Mission Fair to talk about missionaries we support at our church - they shared food and other pieces of the culture of the areas they learned about.  The Towerys are missionaries in Japan and Meredith loved learning about them and has been very interested in learning more about the Tsunami a few years ago.  She was super excited to share all she learned with people from the church.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Kindergarten Round-up

How is it time to send Miss Jillian to kindergarten round-up??? Even if I am not ready, she sure is!  She can't wait until she gets to be at Hill like Sissy!

The kiddos took a tour of the school with one of the kinder teachers while moms and dads did some paperwork.  Jillian was so happy to see that her friend, Audrey was in her group.  Now we just hope maybe they will get to be in the same class in the fall, too!

Future Hill Highlander!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Meredith's Baptism

After accepting Christ in November of last year, Meredith could not wait to get baptized! But with the holidays and my grandma being in the hospital and just getting it on the church calendar, we had to wait until April and she couldn't have been happier.  And Neal and I were incredibly proud.  

Meredith and Dr. Wiles before the big moment!
Introducing her to the congregation

Getting ready to baptize his sister in Christ.

Telling Dr. Wiles and the congregation her profession of faith: "Jesus is Lord!" 

After the service, we took the chance to take a few pics!

My sweet sister in Christ!

Proud family

And we found Dr. Wiles for one last shot!

After church we went out for breakfast to celebrate this big day with our family!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter with the Geurins

Our Easter marathon continued at Gigi's!
A cousin egg hunt

And a cousin pic - not bad, right?

We'll have to recreate this one next year when Carter is a walker!

Me and my girlies!

Having so much fun decorating Grandma's annual Easter bunny cake!

Easter with Bubbie and Grandad

We always love celebrating Easter with lunch after church at Bubbie's house!
Looks like we coordinated with Bubbie this year!

This is always when we get a family photo, too, since we have a photographer willing to help out!

And pictures of just the girls is easier with the rush of getting to church
Perfect! But so are these "out-takes!"

They have so much fun together!
Easter egg time!

We don't get Granddad to pose for pictures much, but I caught one when he was off guard playing with his Tater Tot!

Easter Morning

Easter is a busy day of celebrating with each family, but we started it off with a little celebration at home...

Baskets for the girls...

And one for Piper!

Jillian loved finding her hippo egg

And an egg hunt in our backyard.

Then we headed off to church where Meredith got to help lead worship!
Not so great of a pic, but I swear she is up there!

 A sweet friend of mine who was home with sick kids took a picture of her TV showing Meredith on the live stream!