Saturday, November 30, 2013

More November Highlights

Ready for the November iPhone Highlights?  Here we go!
Meredith wanted to make sure she got a pic of us pre-date night!  We were a little fancy for a friend's charity event that night.

A little trip to American Girl

Showing Daddy the Zoo School Day ropes on his day off

We planned a surprise after-school trip to see Frozen with the girls.  Daddy told them we were going for shots.  And they cried and cried.  I could barely calm them long enough to tell them the truth. Mean daddy!

Meredith told me the best part of first grade is that they get to check out nonfiction books from the library.  She was enthralled by the Humvee book.  Oooookkkk.

How could we pass up a chevron hippo Christmas ornament?

Jillian and Meredith got to take part in a fun celebration day for everyone who sold chocolate at Meredith's school.  Since I helped plan it, Jillian tagged along and Meredith was great, as always, letting her play all the games with her!

The same day, a friend offered us free tickets to see The Fresh Beat Band (Jillian's fav!) So I grabbed them and took Meredith home with me after their celebration and surprised them with this outing.  They were excited and it was such a fun show!

Me and the girlies posing - Daddy would have joined us but he was across town seeing Pearl Jam.  His loss, right?

Another fun outing - this time to go see a school production of Little Mermaid - Aunt Sandy made all the costumes so we had an in with all the actors!

The girls helped me bake pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving.

Piper loves to join me at school pick up.  And then tries to run away to go down the slide.  Then I have to chase her.  Sometimes in boots.  It is always a blast! :)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I love when Thanksgiving finally hits and I have full reign to start decorating for Christmas!  There are so many fun things we do on Thanksgiving weekend to get the Christmas season started.
Sprhunkles the Elf joined us Thanksgiving morning and brought us Elf pancakes - yum!

The day after Thanksgiving we always head to Bass Pro with Landon and this year Carter, too!  We get to see Santa and have fun around the shop!

Santa checking out the wish lists!

After coming home, we spend time that afternoon starting with the outside lights and wait for the Pantego Candy Train to pull through - complete with the Pantego Fire Truck and Santa walking alongside it! 
Piper joined us - the elves even bring treats for the puppies!

Hooray! The firetrucks mean the big guy isn't far behind!

Santa sighting #2 for the day.  Such happy girls.

Then it is time to head to the park for a train ride and the tree lighting ceremony.

On the train!

Ready to "pull the rope" to light up the Pantego tree.

Throughout the weekend we also put the finishing touches on all the decorations - and of course the girls were eager to help decorate the tree!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

2013 Highlander Cheerleaders

Meredith had a blast her first year of Cheerleading with these fun and sweet girls!  Go Highlanders!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Prissy Pony

This was Jillian's first year to be a part of her preschool's Pow Wow.  It is a fun program that helps the kids learn about Native American history.  The kids have special songs and dances and get to listen to a story, too.  They, of course, dress in headdresses and Jillian's class had necklaces, too.  The teachers gave them each an Native American name.  I love that Jillian's was Prissy Pony!
Prissy Pony herself!

The Bumble Bee Tribe