Thursday, November 3, 2011

Oh, How I Love Jesus

Meredith had her first choir performance of the year at church on Wednesday night. These sweet kids sang a few songs they have learned on Wednesday nights at WAM (Worship and Missions). Meredith (and all the kids) did a great job! I was really proud!
Singing, "Oh, How I Love Jesus" at the prayer meeting
For the last song, Dr. Wiles' grandson came in, but only if he came with him. Dr. Wiles, sweetly joined him, but told him even though he confessed to us all that he didn't know the song!

Happy Halloween!

After a good night's sleep my Hippo and Turtle were ready for more Halloween fun! So, first we did a little photo shoot, then headed to our Playgroup's Halloween party!
When we set out to look for a turtle costume, all I could find was Ninja Turtles. I started to brainstorm making my own turtle costume, but I wasn't sure that I was going to be happy with my skills. Luckily, Gigi came to the rescue when she spotted this very cute turtle costume at Target - why hadn't I seen it before? Because it is actually a costume for a large dog! When we added lots of other green pieces including feet and hands (my handmade contribution) Meredith couldn't have been happier!

I actually found a super cute pink hippo costume online, which I thought would have been harder than a turtle. But about 3 weeks out, all 4 sites that showed the costume as not available. I got a little nervous and started down the path to plan b. I found this super cute winter hat on Etsy and fell in love. Plus it was purple, which is really what she was wanting, so it was a no-brainer! I ordered it, then bought similar purple accessories to what I got for Meredith. Then I made her hands and feet just like Meredith's. The night before Gigi's carnival, I decided to add a pink belly to her leotard. Half way through, I realized that I had sewn the front to the back and then ripped it when trying to take out the seam. Talk about stress! I ran up to Target at 9:30, only to find they were sold out of the leotard. The Hippo Fairy was smiling down on me though, because I found this jacket and I think I actually like it better than what I had to begin with. Whew. I added the tummy and then also decided she needed a tail. I was pretty happy with the result. (And I was also quietly saying prayers of thanksgiving that I had not attempted to make both of these costumes completely!)
Before heading off to our party, the girls practiced their trick or treating at our door - I had a little goody bag for each of them and included this book for Jillian - all about a little girl that goes off to be the princess of a land of hippos (and the head hippo is purple!) how perfect!
Here is our playgroup all decked out! We had a few kiddos leave before I thought to do this, but we have a pretty cute group. Look at Spiderman Jackson with his arm around Jillian - too sweet!

Had to get a pic of Jillian and Elliott - both of these little guys separately demanded they be hippos for Halloween - how cute is that!
Caleb was a super cute "fire guy" for Halloween and his mom made him this fantastic firetruck to wear. All the kids wanted a turn wearing it too. When Jillian had her chance, she declared she was "Fire Hippo!"

We headed home in hopes of naps, but I don't think that happened! After trying, we went to Bubbie and Grandad's for some Trick or Treating, then to Gigi and Papa's. As is our tradition, Landon and Meredith' friend Katie joined us. Then as a special treat Caleb came too! We all had lots of pizza then headed out in my parent's neighborhood. The kids had lots of fun and got way more candy than we could ever eat (but we'll still try!)
Jillian and Caleb were excited to start off the night in the wagon

First Fest and all that Fun

After an already full Halloween weekend (complete with Gigi's school carnival, pumpkin carving, and Pantego's carnival) we topped it off with First Fest, which is a city-wide event our church puts on. The kick-off of First Fest is the Pumpkin Run - I have been running since about March but haven't done any races since my "marathon days", but decided that I might as well! Well, the day of, Meredith kept begging me to win. I had lots of pressure! I talked her down, just told her I was doing it for exercise, but I ended up running with a friend and kept pace with her and was able to come in 2nd for my age group - I even got a medal, which was more than enough to make Meredith pretty proud of her mama!
Right at the finish line!

We quickly left the race to head over to the Levitt Pavillion to watch Meredith dance, her class performed a tap dance to a fast-paced ABC song.
I was pretty proud of how well she did that night - and she had lots of fun!

After a quick costume change, we were ready to go Trunk or Treating with the whole family - then we headed out for a fun dinner before getting home way past bed time but it was all worth it!
Hippo Jillian, Nemo Landon, and Turtle Meredith
Papa joined in for a little fun too!
Sweet Jillian finally realized her dream of being a hippo!
In line for Trunk or Treating Jillian loved playing hide and seek under her hippo hat
Love my girlies!