Wednesday, May 25, 2011

M is for...

We are wrapping up Meredith's school year and so this week is full of fun! Throughout the year, they have learned characters to go with each letter that are all a part of the Zippity Zoo. Now that they have learned all 26 letters and characters, they got to choose their favorite, dress up like them, and have a parade. For Meredith, choosing Marvin the Monkey was a no-brainer since they share the letter "M."
Happy monkey! I was excited to use my Christmas present - a sewing machine- for its intended purpose. I kept saying I wanted one to be able to throw together random costumes for the girls - and whatever else came along. So I have had fun with it, but now I got to make a "costume." I sewed a tail and made the ears (I also made a Kangaroo tail and ears for her friend since I had way too much fabric). Landon came to the rescue because I wasn't sure I wanted to tackle making a banana too, but he luckily had this cute one courtesy of Uncle Neil's mad-claw machine skills.
My other monkey needed to be in the picture, too, of course!
When I asked for a shot of Meredith's tail, Jillian needed to take part in that too!
Such sweet girls
At the parade with all her friends
Meredith's Turtle class and teachers

Monday, May 23, 2011

Dance Recital 2011

Saturday marked another celebration of a full year of hard work with Meredith's dance recital. I have been so proud of her this year of dance. Last year she had a great time but was a little reserved and more observant during performances. This year, she really came out of her shell and has been such a beautiful little ballerina.

We have been really looking forward to this recital since the moment Meredith's teacher, Miss Jodie, showed us the costumes. Can you believe they were green? It was almost as if Meredith consulted with her on the choice!

Meredith and her dear friend, Grace, got to play and play while we waited for their turn at the rehearsal Saturday morning
Love this picture with my ballerina before the recital.

Two of our favorite ladies. These girls are moving this summer and I just don't know what I am going to do without them. Have to stop thinking about it to keep the tears from coming....
Time to get silly!
Now she is ready to perform!
The song was super cute too - it has a little girl singing at the beginning talking about being the "apple of my eye" and her "cuppie cuppie cake."
The girls started off cuddling teddy bears while the little girl sang
This seemed to be Meredith's favorite part. The girl says "And I will always be right here!" And they stamp ttier foot. She was sure to do it really forcefully!
Dancing with her partner

The highlight of the recital by far is the Daddy Daughter dance. The Daddies take their girls up to practice a couple of times to learn a secret dance. Meredith has been counting down the days to the Daddy Daughter dance since last year's. This year there was a Western theme and it was priceless! The favorite parts fo

Sassy Meredith showing of the bandana tutu I made with some of the other moms.
Grace and Meredith patiently waiting for their Daddies
I tried to get some pics of Neal and Meredith after the rehearsal, but Meredith was pooped and not wanting to cooperate. Jillian, however, was all about stealing his hat and posing!
Meredith, Daddy and Dance Turtle after a tear-worthy performance. Neal said she immediately asked when they got to do it for the Mommies again. I would watch it every day!
Here's to next year's Daddy Daughter Dance (which Meredith has been telling Jillian she will get to do next year, too! Neal will really have his work cut out for himself!)

Tumbling All the Way!

Last week was also the wrap-up of a year of Jillian's tumbling class. She has grown so much throughout this year. She started off the year hating going in - I would listen to her screaming from the waiting room and wonder if I should go rescue her/her teachers. After a month or so, she was still hesitant, but would warm up quickly (at that point, I would hear cries occasionally, but the teachers assured me that they were only because she didn't want to wait her turn!) But the last few months have been a different story. As soon as she sees her class door open, she grabs her "pack pack" and heads in all by herself - no tears at all and not wanting my help! I have loved watching her not only learn tumbling skills, but also learn her colors and counting and other skills from Miss Aubrey. It has been such a great experience for her.
Lucky for me, the recital was Mommy participation. Here we are supposed to be walking like bears. Jillian is cheating by the way.
"Ta Da!" The signature finish to a somersault
Donkey kicks - she had lots of fun with these (especially since you get to make Donkey noises)
What 2 year old wouldn't want to jump on a mini trampoline while singing "1 Little Monkey..."?
Baby pull-ups...
So fun to shout "a-boo!" when you go over the bar
Another ta-da post backwards roll
Miss Aubrey gave them a special treat and let them slide down the "cheese" -it was much appreciated!
At the end of class, it was time for medals!

Lookin pretty proud!
Me and my tumbling cutie!
Posing with Miss Aubrey!

Saddle Up!

Last week we got to celebrate a year of Meredith's hard work with our church's preschool choir. They have had a cowboy theme all year, and as she has been preparing, I have heard lots of "Follow Jesus, Saddle Up!" So here are a few of my favorite shots of my little performer!
Oh, how I wish I remembered what she was so expressively singing about!
You might not be able to tell, but this is showing Meredith and her buddy, Sarah linked arm-in-arm. This wasn't choreographed, but it was very intentional, like it was. Loved it.

Loved watching her and all of her friends worship as cute cowboys and cowgirls!

Meredith's Collection

It is Science Fair time! Who knew Science Fairs would start at the age of 4, huh? Meredith's class gets a visit from Susie Science who has been teaching them about "collections" so she asked that they each bring in a collection to display for the Science Fair. Meredith originally wanted to collect flowers, but then one day when we were at the park, she asked to take a picture with my camera, which made me think to suggest she make a collection of her own pictures. She loves to use my camera, so she was really excited and loved coming up with new things to take pictures of! Here are a few from her collection:

I had a couple of pictures with her finished product, but they are now MIA, but I did take one at the science fair with my phone so you can see her proud little face!