Saturday, May 31, 2014

May according to my iPhone

To round out May, here are random pics from my phone or just because pics!

These two were sent to me by Joyce, after Austin's 5th birthday - I loved that she is admiring him so much in these pics after we have ones of him doing just the same at her party!

One of our last zoo days

Jillian started sleeping in my sweatshirts because they were "so comfy" (and because Daddy likes to try to turn us into popsicles. Brrrr)

Meredith's big animal project - on Otters!  This is so cute!

Jillian cuddling with Grandma at the doctor.  Seriously can't express how grateful I am that Jillian has been such a sport this year about going to so many doctors appointments!  Sweet girl

A rare but adorable ponytail on Jillian.  Think I took this just to send to Neal because he loves seeing her with a ponytail.

The girls love playing "makeover" with Bubbie.  Bubbie really lets them do her hair! I am so impressed!

Sick Day snuggles

These girls love to use the front of our bedroom as a dance stage/gymnastics floor

Game time - and Jillian gets Hippo in Headbands!

Here's an extra fun way to get into the pool!

Oh, Jillian and her style.  

Are you ready for some....t-ball/softball/volleyball??

Not sure what we were thinking signing up for 3 sports on top of just finishing out the year, but we did it and the girls have loved their teams for sure!  

Modeling their new uniforms - Jillian is a Pirate this year and Meredith is a Cardinal.

#4 Jillian with her other little teammates

Jillian did great at her first game!  

 We left t-ball and went straight to Meredith's first volleyball game - her coach is great and is helping all the girls learn so much!

Next up was Softball for Meredith - she loves playing with these same girls that she has played sports with since they were 3!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

A look back at Fielder Road

Feeling nostalgic about our last day at this fantastic preschool, I put together this little collage showing the girls first days each year.  The girls had some of the most amazing teachers each year.  And even when Jillian didn't look oh-so-excited about her first days, she ended up loving school each year.  We will miss our days at this sweet school!

The Big Last Day of Preschool

Such a bittersweet day walking into Fielder Road for the last time as a preschool mama.  This place has been such a blessing to our families and taught our girls so much! This year has been especially fantastic.  Jillian's teachers were perfect for her and loved her so very much (we loved them, too, obviously!)  So, it was hard to say goodbye, but luckily it was a fun-filled day!

All the pre-k classes start the day with a water day - little pools, squirters, and more - plus snow cones.  Jillian was ready with her swimsuit and even goggles!

After their water day, we had a luau for the bumblebees.

The kids had a yummy lunch and fun cupcakes that they got to decorate.

Limbo was so fun!

Jillian with sweet Mrs. Tinkel and Mrs. Cooner.  We loved these ladies so much!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Henrietta Hippo

As we approach the end of school, the kids at Fielder Road have been through all the letters in the Zippity Zoo letter family and they get to celebrate with a letter parade. Each kid picks whatever animal or letter they want from the ones they learned.  Since there was a Henrietta Hippo, there was no doubt, we knew who Jillian would be!

Luckily for mama, we still have her Hippo hat from Halloween a few years ago (that is also her winter hat) And we just added a few purple accessories and we were ready for the parade!

Jillian's friend, Charlotte, aka Daisy Doll, got to join us this morning since her mom was heading to her brother's awards day at Hill.  These friends were very excited to go to school together.

Once we got to school, we ran into Jillian's friend, Stella, who was also Henrietta Hippo!

Jillian, leading the parade!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Teach a girl to fish

Papa got his two favorite girls fishing rods a long time ago and has been promising to take them down to the lake to try them out forever!  So, today was the day to finally get to go.  

Walking down to the lake with Papa.

First try - she looks excited

Her first try - much more focused!

At first, neither girl wanted to have anything to do with the worms, but then Jillian decided to try picking them up! Brave girl!

Well, the fish weren't biting and we were having a terrible time getting the hooks caught up in the rocks, but all wasn't lost - we spotted the Kona Ice truck and all was well!

Best catch of the day!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Meredith's Awards Assembly

Going to awards must mean that First Grade is almost over!  Seems too hard to believe.  Meredith was very excited to go to the awards and get to go on stage.  

Waiting for it to all start with Mirabel!

Meredith and her friend Tate both got awards for their Reflections contest entries

Shaking hands with Mr. Day and Mrs. Stelwagen

Proud girl

Showing off her award!

Posing with sweet Hannah.

Immediately following awards, each grade has their end of year party.  The first graders had tons of fun stations set up around the park next to school.

I manned the bubble station, so this is the only pic I got, but I heard she had a blast!

We had a picnic lunch between activities and she loved getting to sit with Hannah.

We snuck out of school early that day and went out for a snow cone treat - can't wait for summer!

Sunday, May 18, 2014


This year to close out WAM! The kids did a fun superhero themed show.  All the kids wore caps and they, of course, thought that was awesome!

Jillian loved singing "H-E-R-O" and 

Meredith also had so much fun singing in the ensemble part of the play.  

An after performance pose-off with my superheroes.