Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday and the Easter Bunny

We woke up Sunday morning and had just enough time to check out our Easter baskets and snap a few pictures before heading to church. Someday, I will perfect taking a picture of both girls in their Easter dresses together....
Possibly the Easter Bunny overdid it this year. In his defense, the Minnie Mouse is just a decoration and the van is really just a replacement for the most favorite toy in our whole house that has been played with so much that it is beyond broken...ok, that doesn't help, much.

Everyone had lots of fun bunny ears, too!

I got one pic of the two of them both looking the same direction, etc, then decided to take a break!

After church, we headed to Bubbie and Grandad's for lunch and an egg hunt.

Both girls were very excited to get to hunting!

Then, in the middle of the hunt, there was a surprise!
This is about the time I hear, "Look, a bunny!" I thought it was something Bubbie had hidden, but instead Meredith had found a real live bunny! (Can you see it hidden in the grass?) Jillian stayed a safe distance.
I tried to hold the bunny to show the girls and he hopped off to try to escape inside! He eventually ran off under the fence.
Checking out her loot
Big sis is pretty proud of herself

Then, I attempt a pic of the girls again...
Wish I knew what either girl was doing! :)
Luckily, I am a sucker for pictures of my girls hugging!
Of course, we tried to get a family picture too, but only half of us would cooperate!

Ladybugs 2011

After leaving the Easter event in Irving, we headed back home to get to Meredith's last soccer game of the season. She has really enjoyed this season and has really improved, too. We went from her not kicking the ball last season because "the coach didn't tell her to" to her kicking it a total of 4 times in the last game alone! (Ok, I know that doesn't sound like much to some people, but we were really proud of her!)
There was lots of ponytail flinging going on this game!
Meredith's number one fan! "Go Sissy! Go Bugs"
Here is Meredith playing "defense". She and a partner are supposed to stand on the line near the goal and kick the ball back to their side. Meredith takes this very literally. As the ball comes close, she starts running in place (because she can't leave the line in her mind) and then if the ball comes to her, she will kick it (as pictured above) Hilarious! Love my little rule-following girl!
Ladybugs win!

After the game, we celebrated their season at the park with trophies and cupcakes!
Anxiously awaiting her trophy!
Proud girl!
The Ladybugs and Coach Scott

Easter Egg-sperience

Meredith has been so excited all year to get to go back to "Aunt Katie's church" to go to their really great Easter celebration, and Saturday was the big day!

We started off the day with a visit to the Petting Zoo. Meredith was thrilled. Jillian was a tiny bit terrified.
Jillian was excited outside of the pin, but once we were in, she found herself very attached to her Gigi's legs.

No fear here - A llama!
The bunnies were more Jillian's speed - she warmed up to them at least to pet them.

Next up was the Easter Egg hunt!
Jillian loved being choosy with the colors...

...and she also had fun "shopping"- she would open them to make sure what was inside was to her liking.
Meredith was a little quicker with her hunting!

Back inside, we found the Easter Bunny and Meredith did not hesitate to go say hello!
Landon was also excited to see him, but would not get any closer than this. Not that Jillian has any room to talk since, as you can tell, she is nowhere near the bunny - she happened to be grasping onto me for dear-life.

There were also lots of fun games, face painting (which was the thing Meredith was most excited for!) and prizes!

Meredith ran into to get "paint faced" and carefully chose a ladybug (to support her team and their game we would run off to later) and then, I guess a bunny. I had snuck to another table tat that point to help Jillian get a bunny on her cheek. Aunt Katie told her that she had a cute flower, to which Meredith teared up, and told her "it's a bunny!" Obviously there was a communication error (or really terrible art!) Luckily, the "bunny" was well wiped off by the time we got to a mirror for her to realize the mistake.
Such fun prizes! The biggest ones were from a very skilled hole-in-one!
Jillian won lots too!
Such a fun day!

Before we headed home, we did some bouncing in the bounce houses then hit the "Easter Path" that had interactive rooms that told the Easter story - it was really amazing and was great for the kids. Now the count-down is on until next year!

The Turtle's Easter Party

Last week Meredith got to celebrate Easter with her class with a fun Easter egg hunt, crafts, games, and food!
The weather was pretty icky so the hunt was inside. The teachers had them face backward to keep them from spying all the eggs.
And then they were off!

Meredith and her buddy, Kelsey
Throw in Maddie and we have a cute little trio!

I didn't get any pictures from the party because I was busy manning the craft table (we made cute stuffed sock bunnies!), but the kids also made cookies and played an egg relay and just had a blast!