Monday, October 24, 2011

My Pumpkins at the Patch

We just barely got in a Pumpkin Patch this year - which says a lot because last year, I think we hit about 4 or 5! And today was a little muddy and started out pretty foggy, but we still had a blast especially because not only did we get to go with Merrick and Caleb, but we also got to meet up with Julie, Anna, and Joseph - and that is always a special treat!

We started off checking out all the character cut-outs...Julie and I decided it is possible our children watch a bit too much TV based on their love for every single one of the hundreds of these they had!
Jessie - a big hit for both girls
Jillian was super excited to find the Hippo from Madagascar...
And the Hippo from Backyardigans too!
A picture with Star Wars for Daddy
And Mommy's all-time favorite character (sense the sarcasm) Caillou!

Both girls - getting so big!
Meredy couldn't wait to play in the jail
Jillian was pretty excited at first to climb up into the muddy train

Next up - the Hayride!
Then, of course, is the best part of the Pumpkin Patch for EVERYONE! The time when Mommy wants a perfect picture of everyone happy. Why, oh why, does this never seem to go as flawlessly as planned? Oh, well - what fun would that be?
Good start - Meredith is cooperating. Having fun. Smiling.
Not. Playing. Along.

Jillian will not join in, so we try Silly Meredith.
This picture makes me laugh! This is how we all felt about Jillian's lack of cooperation with my useless need for this picture!
Then we went to this. Poor Beans.
Or should I say, poor Meredith?

Ok, I will settle for a couple of cute ones of them by themselves.
The little playhouse distracted Jillian long enough that I could get them both in the same shot at least.
No smiles, but that is better than tears, right?
And there was some time for a little fun with Anna too!
And hugs for Caleb. Somehow I did not take a single picture of Joseph....possibly because I was so wrapped up in Jillian, oh well.

Even with my self-imposed photography drama, we had lots of fun, again, especially with such great company! Next year, we are either going to do some photo training or I need to leave the camera at home for my own sanity! :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Hook Em Birthday

We were driving back from San Antonio on Tuesday, which was Neal's actual birthday. To celebrate, we stopped by UT's campus. We started with seeing Born to be Wild at the IMAX at the Texas State History Museum. The girls loved seeing the story about the monkeys and elephants. We had lunch at Players, a burger place on campus that we ate at a lot while there. Then walked down to the bookstore. It was incredibly windy, and surprisingly (ha ha) the sidewalks are not stroller friendly, so we were glad to finally get there! After a little shopping, we cut across campus to show the girls a few of the buildings.

Me with my little Longhorn fans. Although, Jillian appears to be very against this stop. Poor girls, being that it was nap time, a little windy, and they were both not feeling great - I am surprised we got a picture this good!

After our quick "tour," the girls and I had a birthday surprise for Neal. I think I have touched on this on my blog before, but the first birthday Neal had while we were dating was while we lived in the dorms. I wanted to have some kind of cake for him, but didn't have the kitchen to make him one. So, I bought him a Hostess cupcake and he blew out the candles in the study room at the end of my hall in Jester. After that, every year, I have gotten him another Hostess cupcake - they worked well on years when we actually celebrated on a different day than his real birthday or on a few when he was traveling on his birthday (and I would stash them in his suitcase to find when he got to his hotel). This year we just had a great setting to keep this 13 year tradition going!
Happy 33rd Birthday Neal! We love you!

San Antonio Children's Museum

On Monday of our trip, Josh and Liz both had to work, so Neal and I were excited to take the girls to the Children's Museum - the girls and I went with my mom this summer and it was so much fun!
The girls couldn't wait to show Neal the trolley
Jillian's turn to drive!
Lots of concentration in the cool ball area
Hmmm - thinking daddy had as much fun in there as the girls did!
Fun inside the big bubbles

I like Jillian's style of banking!
Time for a little drive-up banking

The grocery store was as much a hit this trip as last time - it is so fun in there!
Jillian must watch Extreme Couponing when I am not paying attention and was getting a steal on these bath products. She cleared the shelves and pretty much refused to buy anything but shampoo and soap.
Look at that line-up of already-purchased bath stuff!
This picture looks like she has some major purchasing decisions she has to make...
Guess she picked a really great detergent!
"But we don't know how to play!" Oh well, they made some good rules!
And got in a little strength training!
Besides the trolley, Meredith was most excited to show Neal the plane - they had fun giving out tickets, flying and seating us all over the plane

After the museum we walked down to the Riverwalk for some lunch - the girls loved seeing the ducks and boats again and we got to eat some yummy food!