Tuesday, August 28, 2012

On Hawaii Time

So, this post (well, probably "posts") is about a month after the fact, but since we got home from our trip our life has been at a constant run and there was so much to blog about, I just got a little overwhelmed.  Today, I am just gonna start and see where we get because I have lots of other great things to blog about coming up!

Neal and I celebrated our 10 year wedding Anniversary this summer - yeah, us!  I remember the first summer we were married, we decided we should start saving our AAdvantage miles so that we could go to Hawaii - I think then, we were thinking maybe the following summer. Ha!  We quickly realized that other things, like a new house, took precedent.  We eventually decided that a trip like that was would be a great way to celebrate this big anniversary!  So, to say we have been thinking and dreaming of this trip awhile, is quite an understatement.  As we got closer and closer to the trip, I got a little nervous about how long we would be gone (11 days)  but the girls were very excited to get to go the Camp Gigi and Camp Bubbie while we were away.

The time finally came for us to go - we left on July 25, just 2 days before our actual anniversary.  When we went to book the flights, our only option to get there was in First Class (I know, poor us!) So we got a great treat.

We started our trip with three days on Waikiki beach.  We did lots of walking along through the shops and restaurants and ate at some pretty fun places!  
Our hotel in Waikiki

After our first day of just exploring, we decided to go snorkeling in Hanauma Bay.  I had been here as a kid and remembered how beautiful it was - and it definitely didn't disappoint this many years later!

So pretty!
The view from the top

Even though we were hoping to see turtles and never found one, we saw tons of beautiful fish and swam like crazy! What a workout!

We really just loved our time here - it really was so beautiful!

Our second full day in Waikiki, we decided to go on a tour of Pearl Harbor.  Again, I had been here with my family when I was probably 12, but this time it was such a different experience, where I really understood and could truly appreciate it all.  Such an amazing place to visit and remember.